Patrol consists of the following personnel:
1 Captain
2 Lieutenants
18 Deputy Sheriff's

The Juneau County Sheriff’s Office provides 24-hour coverage, 365 days a year, to 19 Townships and the 10 communities within Juneau County. A Patrol Deputies responsibilities are to enforce all federal, state and local laws to include Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource violations. In addition to responding to calls for service, Deputies also investigate traffic accidents, perform traffic enforcement, preserve peace and security, serve arrest warrants, assist the Coroner's Office with sudden death investigations, serve Civil Process and assist area fire departments and ambulance services with their calls.

Patrol Deputies have the latest technologies available to them in their mobile offices. Each Patrol car is equipped with a Mobile Computer which enables the deputy to obtain drivers license and vehicle information from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The patrol deputies use a software application called TraCS, which stands for Traffic and Criminal Software. TraCS is a automated reporting systems for law enforcement. Citations and other traffic enforcement forms that were once handwritten, are now completed and printed electronically.

TraCS is designed to be capable of sharing common data among forms and providing capability of incorporating crash, citation, OWI, commercial motor vehicle inspection and incident forms. Technologies such as bar code scanners, digital camera and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) enhance the use of TraCS.

The use of the TraCS application improves the neatness, accuracy, timeliness and ease with which incident data is collected and made available for analysis at both the state and local levels. Having mobile computers in the squad cars allows the patrol deputy to complete their reports while remaining visible in the communities we serve.

Partners in Law Enforcement..Currently, the Juneau County Sheriff's Office has three positions in Patrol which are funded in large part by other local governmental entities.
  • We are currently in the process of reassigning the position of the Native American Liaison Deputy.  The Native American Liaison works closely with the Ho-Chunk Nation to enforce laws on Tribal lands.
  • Deputy Tyler Brown is assigned to the Village's of Camp Douglas and Hustler.  Deputy Brown works a set number of hours per week performing dedicated patrol within these municipalities.
  • We are currently in the process of reassigning a deputy to the Township of Germantown. This deputy works a set number of hours per week from mid-May through Labor Day performing dedicated patrol within Germantown Township.
Boat, Snowmobile, ATV EnforcementDeputy Tom Mueller is assigned to Boat, Snowmobile and ATV enforcement detail. Deputy Mueller's duties include boat patrol, snowmobile patrol, and ATV patrol. Each of these disciplines are funded in large part by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources through a reimbursement program.  

Vehicle ImpoundThe Juneau County Sheriff's Office maintains a secure impound yard for vehicle's that need to be secured for investigations.  If you have a vehicle that has been impounded, please contact Deputy Tom Mueller at 608-847-5649.