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K9 Program

Plush K-9 Timo, Willy, and Coconut available for purchase at our office!!
Location: 200 Oak St., Mauston, WI
$20 each or three for $50

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Plush Dogs

German Shepherd                                             

German Shepherdf

Introducing our newest K9 Deputy, Zebo (above photo).

Zebo is a purebred German Shepherd from Gehweiler, Germany. He was born November 16, 2022, and arrived in Wisconsin in October of 2023.  Zebo and Deputy Bader started training at Steinig Tal Kennel in Fond Du Lac on November 13, 2023.  Zebo's training was complete on Tuesday, February 26, 2024. Zebo was trained by the Steinig Tal Kennel owner, Larry Filo. Zebo is certified in handler protection, obedience, criminal apprehension, tracking, area searches, building searches, article searches and scent work (marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and their derivatives.).

K9 Zebo and Deputy Bader are required to complete 40 hours of recertification training annually beginning in 2025, as well as an additional 16 hours of training monthly.  Thank you to K9s of Juneau County and all of the individual donors for their support and donation(s) that helped make the purchase of K9 Zebo possible and to help sustain the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office K9 Program.

Deputy Bader and Timo

K9 Timo 

K-9 Deputy Timo, (top photo), is a male German Shepherd who was born in Germany February 7th, 2012.  Timo's handler is Deputy Brian Bader.  K-9 Deputy Willy, (bottom photo), is a male German Shepherd who was born in Germany on October 28, 2020. Willy's handler is Deputy Amber Kuhl.   Both K9's are dual purpose and certified in the following tasks:

  • Narcotic Detection
  • Tracking
  • Criminal Apprehension
  • Handler Protection
  • Building Clearing

Willie 3
K9 Willie

Meet our Therapy K9, Coconut (Pictured below).  Coconut was born January 25, 2023, and she was welcomed to the Sheriff's Office on March 27, 2023 .   The goal of the Therapy K9 is to provide comfort and emotional support in times of stress or crisis for law enforcement as well as the public.  Coconut assists in developing community relationships, provides support to survivors of traumatic events, aids in calming individuals going through a difficult time or mental health crisis, and is available for peer support meetings.  During witness prep prior to testifying, Coconut has been present to help calm victims.  She can be requested by all county departments as needed.  Coconut accompanies her partner, Deputy Jessica Meyer, as the Necedah Area Schools Liaison Officer. 

Dog Deputy

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