Community Action Teams - CATs

Community Action Teams (CATs) were established in May 2022 of community leaders, subject matter experts and community members to create actionable plans on how to move the needle in these three areas. Recruitment for the CATs consisted of strategic invitations to leaders, experts, and change makers in each of the three categories. We knew this was essential as the Juneau County Health Department stepped into a Community Health Strategist role. We know these areas have a huge impact on community health and that we were not the experts to guide this work, but convene a space for change. Community members were also invited in through press releases, radio spots, and social media content. The CATs are open to everyone.

?Good Jobs & Strong Economy
The group is planning innovative solutions around expanding childcare services, workforce training and development, and employer recruitment and retention strategies.
Meets Second tuesday on odd months at noon at the county services building in room 209 with zoom options

2024 meetings
January 9th
March 12th
May 14th
July 9th
September 10th
November 12th

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Affordable Housing
The group is conducting a countywide housing survey, launching a financial literacy course and identifying best practices for municipalities.
Meets third monday on even months at 1 pM at the county services Building in Room 209 with zoom options. 

2024 Meetings
February 19th
April 15th
June 17th
August 19th
October 21st
December 16th

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2023 Juneau County Housing Assessment
Accessible Transportation
The group is connecting existing transportation options and improving local trails.
Meets quarterly the fourth Monday of the month at 1 PM at the county services Building in Room 209 with zoom options. 

2024 Meetings
January 22nd
April 22nd
July 22nd
October 28th

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Mental Health
Launching In 2024. More Details To Come.
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2022-2027 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
Community Action Teams focus on the main priorities of the Community Health Improvement Plan. These priorities are informed by the Community Health Assessment local health departments are required to complete every 5 years. It is a process to help select the most important things impacting the health of the local community.
Why does this matter? The ultimate goal of this process is to spark change in a community for the better!

2022-2027 CHIP - Copy


2021 Community Health Assessment (CHA)