Youth Justice

The Youth Justice system in Wisconsin is community based, designed to serve youth through prevention and diversion services and reduce the number served out-of-home. The vision incorporates a focus on prevention and diversion with the provision of accountability and services to youth and families.

Who is eligible?
Youth under the age of 17 become involved with Youth Justice (YJ) primarily through referrals made by law enforcement.

If a youth is alleged to have a delinquent act (crime), law enforcement may issue a citation (fine) or complete a referral. If a referral is screened in and assigned, an assessment of the youth and family's needs and risks will be completed. The assessment will determine whether a case will be opened or closed and the level of supervision provided. Social Workers may monitor the behavior of the youth in their home, school, and/or community environments. Prevention Services for at-risk youth can include truancy prevention, mentoring, and counseling. Diversion Services for referred youth may include counseling, restitution, or community service.

If you have questions or concerns, please call 608-847-2400 to speak with a Youth Justice Worker.

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