Child Protective Services

CPS has 24 hour coverage of child abuse and neglect investigations.

To report suspected child abuse or neglect during regular business hours
To make an emergency report outside of non-business hours, holidays, and weekends

Who is eligible?
Eligibility for Child Protection Services is determined by Chapter 48 and Chapter 938 of the Wisconsin State Statues and Wisconsin Department of Children and Families standards.  Please contact Children, Youth, and Family Services manager with questions.  

It is important to note that no two child welfare cases are the same. The information below is an overview of the process. A child can be removed at any time if deemed unsafe. Additionally, when a child is safe, a case can be closed at any step of the process.

Stages of the Child Protection System
CPS is divided in three stages - access, initial assessment, and ongoing.

Access: What Happens When You Make a Call
Information about suspected child maltreatment is received. Using the provided information, it is determined if the report should be moved to the next stage - Initial Assessment.
case flow access
Flowchart, click to enlarge

Initial Assessment: What Happens When a Family Receives a Visit
Interviews are performed with the child(ren), parent(s), and other adults who are in contact with the child (such as doctors and educators), and visit the home. Using this information, the child's safety is determined and whether additional services may be needed, and if maltreatment occurred. The case will then transition to the next stage - Ongoing.
case flow initial assessment
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Ongoing: How We Help Build Safe, Stable Homes for Children
Based on the initial assessment and conversations with the family, services are provided . Services vary based on needs, strengths, and goals of the family. Goals are established with the family that achieve measurable outcomes and build a safe, stable home for the children. 

child abuse ribbon
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