Birth to 3

The Birth to 3 Program is also known as "early intervention". The Birth to 3 (B3) Coordinator will work with you to evaluate your child's development and develop a plan for services based on your family and the child's strengths, concerns, and needs. We will also provide information about additional community resources and assist you with accessing them. We are here to offer you and your family advocacy and support! 

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Who is eligible?
Program eligibility is based on:
  • A developmental delay of at least 25% in one or more areas of development,
  • A physician-diagnosed condition with a high probability of developmental delay, or
  • Atypical (unusual) development that negatively affects your child’s overall development.
If you would like to make a referral, call 608-847-2400 or submit referral online.

What will happen at the first visit?
  • You, your child, and the Birth to 3 team member may gather information to determine whether or not your child might have a delay. This is done through observation, asking questions, and filling out a screening or assessment form. Every area of your child’s development is looked at, even if you are only concerned about one thing. This will all be explained as you go, there is no need to “prepare.” Don’t worry if your child is sleepy, or not feeling well, or not on their best behavior – most of the information will come from the person who knows him best – you! There is no cost to you for a screening and/or evaluation.
What if my child has a delay?
  • If it appears your child may have a delay, an evaluation may be recommended. The evaluation will be conducted by at least two members of the Birth to 3 team. You will be asked for permission, and be fully informed, before we do anything. Following the evaluation, an Early Intervention (EI) team meeting will take place. This is where the evaluation information is discussed and eligibility for the Birth to 3 Program is determined. If your child is found eligible, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be written. This plan guides the team to help your child grow and change. You will be an active participant in determining what intervention will look like for your child and family. This plan is reviewed at least every six months and can be changed at any time. There is no cost for the evaluation, EI team meeting, or IFSP development.
  • Intervention will take place in your home or other environment your child/family naturally spends time in (childcare, grandparent’s home, etc.). These visits will focus on the goals set by you and your team, and are written in the IFSP. Your Early Interventionist will give you suggestions and model activities as to how to incorporate strategies into your everyday life so your child’s growth takes place in natural ways and with the people who know and love him best. There may be a cost to your family for these services.
What is the cost of the Birth to 3 Program?
  • The Parental Cost Share is based on the expectation that families value early intervention for their child and that they are willing to share in the cost of services. The cost share is based solely upon family size and income. This means that if your child is found eligible for services, you will fill out a simple form requesting financial information. If you have a cost share, you will be informed of the amount due monthly. If you feel the cost share will be a burden on your family, you may request a reduction. If you already participate in a program where you must meet a financial eligibility you may not have a cost share. These programs are SSI, the Food Share Program, Badger Care, WIC (unless the child receives WIC through Katie Beckett), free or reduced lunch at school, or W-2. Cost share amounts are as little as $0.00 per month up to a maximum of $150.00 per month.
  • If your child has Medical Assistance, it may also be billed for some of the services provided.
  • Juneau County Birth to 3 does not currently bill to private insurance but this is subject to change at any time.