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All children have the right to be provided financial support from both parents. To facilitate that process, Juneau County Child Support provides the following services: 
  • Finding a missing parent
  • Establishing legal fatherhood
  • Asking the court to establish child support
  • Enforcing child support orders
  • Contacting the paying parent’s employer and setting up income withholding
  • Collecting child support from a parent living in another state
  • Reviewing a support order for possible increase or decrease in payment amounts
  • Providing payment and collection information
  • Providing interpreters and translations of child support information to clients with LEP at no cost
  • Providing privacy protection in the release of addresses, telephone numbers, employer or other location information that would put individuals at risk
Child Support Brochure

To apply for Child Support services, download and print the parent or the guardian application form, fill it out the best you can, sign the back page, and the form can be dropped off in-person or be mailed to

Juneau County Department of Human Services
Attn: Child Support Agency
200 Hickory Street
Mauston, WI 53948

While income withholding is the way most support is collected, there are other ways you can make a support payment. These options do not replace income withholding, but they are useful if you are self-employed, between jobs, or if you want to pay extra towards your past-due support. Whichever way you choose, all support must be paid through the WI Support Collections Trust Fund. This is not only a state law, but this is the only way you can be sure that you get credit for your payments. For more information, please visit Ways to Pay

Direct Deposit is a secure and convenient way to receive child support payments. You can choose to directly deposit your child support payments into a checking or savings account. To sign up for direct deposit, complete the application form and mail it to the address found on the top left-hand corner of the application. Applications and more information can be found here.

Filing a Formal Complaint with the Child Support Program
Parents who receive child support services have a right to file a written complaint to have their case reviewed if they believe the child support agency did not take a mandatory action on their case. To begin the complaint process, you will need to fill out the Child Support Complaint Form and submit it to our grievance officer. The form can be dropped off in-person or be mailed to

Juneau County Department of Human Services
Attn: Grievance Officer
200 Hickory Street
Mauston, WI 53948