Adult Drug Court

Mission Statement: The mission of the Juneau County Adult Drug Court is to enhance public safety and decrease substance abuse within our community by providing a judicially supervised program of evidence-based treatment to improve and save lives of participants while reducing public expense and repeated criminal behavior.


The Juneau County Adult Drug Court (JCADC) is built upon a unique partnership between the criminal justice system and the drug treatment community that structures treatment intervention. The JCADC is an opportunity and privilege for each participant. The JCADC is made up of a team that is dedicated to recovery.

JCADC was established in 2019 under the direction of Judge Stacy Smith. The program was created as a collaborative effort to make a positive impact on the criminal justice system in Juneau County. The program represents the efforts and teamwork of key stakeholders to break the cycle of substance use and reduce crime, resulting in a more positive and healthy community.

Program Eligibility
  • Must consent to participation as part of their probation/parole
  • Have non-violent offenses, felony drug offenses, or offenses where alcohol and/or other drugs are known to be an underlying factor
  • Using the COMPAS assessment tool, prognostic risk and criminogenic needs will be assessed to determine potential admission
  • Substance use disorder diagnosis
  • Must be a Juneau County resident
  • Must be 18 years or older
Program Documents

The EEO Utilization Report is posted in accordance with US Department of Justice regarding Juneau County Adult Drug Court Program grant.