Comprehensive Community Services

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) provides community based services for adults or youth with a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis to assist them in reaching goals they have set for themselves.  This is a voluntary service for individuals with Medicaid who qualify for services. 

Services include case management, assessment, psychotherapy, individual skill development, psycho-education, employment related skill training and substance abuse treatment. CCS is a voluntary strength based, recovery orientated program that serves youth and adults with mental health and/or addictions. These individuals are in need of ongoing services due to impairments that interfere with or limit healthy functioning.

CCS is designed to include the individual as an equal partner in their treatment plan by identifying and working towards their goals and needs such as assistance with independent living, making new friends, rejoining a spiritual community, etc.

Who is eligible?
CCS is for people who have needs that, if ignored, could lead to being hospitalized in times of crisis. The CCS screening process confirms who is eligible for the program.

The individual must
  • Be seeking or receiving mental health and/or substance use services
  • Have a mental health and/or substance use diagnosis, diagnosed by a counselor
  • Have Medical Assistance (MA) or be eligible to receive MA
  • Be a resident of Adams/Green Lake/Juneau/Marquette/Waupaca/Waushara County

If you would like to make a referral, call 608-847-2400 or submit online.

The Coordinated Services Team (CST) structure joins with families by using community agencies to provide comprehensive services. The team is child-centered, family-focused and works together to develop a plan that will support positive change. The plan is based on the family’s identified strengths and needs. Key community agencies and natural supports are included to assist in forming a voluntary support system for the family.

Who is eligible?
CST is for kids who are involved in at least two of the following direct services
  • Mental Health (therapy and/or medication management)
  • Special Education or has an IEP
  • Youth Justice
  • Child Protective Services
  • Substance Use Treatment
Other criteria includes
  • Parent(s) agree to be on the team
  • Other interventions have been unsuccessful and/or there is a need for service coordination
  • Child may be at risk of out-of-home placement

To make a referral, call 608-847-2400 or submit online.